Custom Earphones

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Earcandi™ stops your earphones falling out no matter what you do.

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Made using the best medical grade silicone polymer, Earcandi™ are soft, flexible and super durable!

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Earcandi user experiences

  • "Pretty neat ... and really competitively priced!"
    Seth Godin, Entrepreneur, marketer, best selling author
  • "I want some!"
    Deborah Meaden, Dragon's Den
  • "I made a set of custom earphones and earplugs using your product, everything was great! The whole process was clear, mess-free, and surprisingly easy. I'll be using both whilst racing a Formula 3 car and will be recommending you to my racing rivals for years to come!"
    Tristan Cliffe, Formula 3 Racing Driver
  • It's eye-catching... I think it's very cool.
    Kelly Hoppen, Dragon's Den
  • “Having been in the music industry for the last 10 years, I can safely say Earcandi™ is by far the best pair of earplugs I have ever used. You not only get great noise reduction but the drums still sound rich and full. Where has this product been all my gigging life?!”
    Jack Williams, Drummer - Brighton Electric Studios