Custom Earphones

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Our story

Where it all began

Hi, I’m Lloyd – the guy behind Earcandi™.

Having always been a pretty active person and participating in quite a few different sports (running, cycling, mountain biking, triathlon, snowboarding, climbing, kickboxing and a few others), like many people, I was totally fed up of my earphones constantly falling out whenever I did any kind of sport.

Along with a few friends I’d tried all of the sports-fit styles, ear-buds, over-ears and even these weird little cone things (which either fell out or hurt after about 10 minutes). I’d pretty much given up on being able to listen to music when moving around with any kind of intensity until I started messing around with a squidgy wax earplug whilst on holiday in Norway.

Keen to explore the idea more, I designed a pretty low-tech, bathroom-sealant based prototype in my kitchen, which I then took to a medical silicone manufacturer who helped me formulate a much safer, softer and more colourful version of the original.

To this day, the first pair I created has never fallen out, not once – and I reckon that’s pretty good going considering how often I find myself dangling upside-down! Earcandi is a young company trying to find its feet in the big, bad world of business, but we reckon if we just stick to our core values of offering our product at a reasonable price and looking after and listening to our customers, we should be alright.

The feedback we have received on the product so far has been invaluable and more importantly, the journey has been loads of fun! We’re looking forward to seeing what’s in store for the future and hope that you’ll join us for the ride…