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Custom earphones and earplugs - How it works?



Your ear shape is as unique as your fingerprint and is made up of some quite complicated elements. This is why a ‘one size fits all’ approach will never give you the same comfort as Earcandi™ custom sports earphones. The medical grade silicone polymer we use produces a soft, flexible and durable product, which you can leave in your ears for hours without noticing.

Noise isolation is greatly improved due to the exact fit you get with Earcandi™, allowing you to play your music at lower volumes without being able to hear less, which reduces the chance of damaging your hearing by having to blast the volume. For this reason audiologists will all emphasize there is no substitute for custom sports earphones.

The process of fitting Earcandi™ custom sports earphones is as easy as 1… 2… 3… and only takes about 10 minutes. Everything you need is included in the box and you can always refer back to this site for photos, descriptions and videos on the fitting process.

The unique Earcandi™ moulding polymer comes in two parts and is incredibly easy to work with – in fact it feels a bit like Play-Doh. When the two parts are combined the silicone begins to set and will be fixed to its permanent shape in only 10 minutes. Our unique moulding method ensures the silicone easily bonds to any earphones and will retain its shape permanently, giving you a soft, sturdy and comfortable set of custom sports earphones that will last.

Regular custom moulded earphones/monitors have been around for a while now, but for the majority of people they are prohibitively expensive. Earcandi™ custom sports earphones are the first of their kind and solve the problem of cost by cutting out expensive elements of production such as visits to specialists for ear castings and injection moulding systems. We think we’ve struck a good balance with the Earcandi™ system – better than the ‘one size fits all’ approach of regular ear-buds, but at a fraction of the cost of expensive in-ear monitors. But don’t take our word for it, order yours today from our store and see for yourself!



Clean ears and wash hands thoroughly with plain water. Remove both portions of Earcandi™ material and knead together until you have an even colour.



Once mixed you have 5-10 minutes before Earcandi™ becomes difficult to mould, so split the material into 2 equal portions and roll into a cylinder approx. 5cm long.



Loop around the stem of the earphone, bringing the Earcandi™ together on the outside and insert the earphone into your ear.



Mould the Earcandi™ over and around your earphones until you achieve a good seal and the desired finish.



Wait 10-15 minutes for the Earcandi™ material to set and carefully remove from your ears. It can help with removal if you gently pull on the top of your ear whilst gently levering the earphone out with your finger.



And that’s it! now you can go off and whizz round your nearest race track, or find a cosy place to catch forty winks; all without worrying that your headphones will fall out or that an obnoxious seagull will disturb your peace! Enjoy!

Earcandi™ will fully cure after about 24 hours. After this it can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or if fitted to waterproof ear-buds, washed under the tap.
Do not use solvents or soaps to clean your Earcandi™.


Curing inhibition: Avoid using items that contain stearates such as soaps, moisturisers and hair products and do not bring Earcandi into contact with latex. Avoid direct contact with paints that contain chromium, copper or black pigment. Avoid contact with water, peroxides and alcohols as these can also inhibit your Earcandi from curing.

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Client testimonials

  • “Having been in the music industry for the last 10 years, I can safely say Earcandi™ is by far the best pair of earplugs I have ever used. You not only get great noise reduction but the drums still sound rich and full. Where has this product been all my gigging life?!”
    Jack Williams, Drummer - Brighton Electric Studios
  • "I want some!"
    Deborah Meaden, Dragon's Den
  • "Pretty neat ... and really competitively priced!"
    Seth Godin, Entrepreneur, marketer, best selling author
  • "I made a set of custom earphones and earplugs using your product, everything was great! The whole process was clear, mess-free, and surprisingly easy. I'll be using both whilst racing a Formula 3 car and will be recommending you to my racing rivals for years to come!"
    Tristan Cliffe, Formula 3 Racing Driver
  • It's eye-catching... I think it's very cool.
    Kelly Hoppen, Dragon's Den