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Ease of use

So you’re looking for custom in-ear monitors? Thinking about going to the audiologist, only to find out you have to wait weeks for them to be made and then pay £300 to £1000 for the privilege? Forget that, you’re with Earcandi™ now.

Place your order, and within 5 days you’re good to go. Our products feature the same performance characteristics as those made by an audiologist, come in loads of colours, are custom made and can be yours for a fraction of the cost. Crank those amps to 11!

Tailor made ear wear

Eacandi™ custom sports earphones provide a perfect fit; they improve sound quality and noise isolation, and are incredibly secure. With a variety of applications, at Earcandi™ we are setting the benchmark for affordable, tailor made ear wear.

Earcandi™’s secure, low profile fit ensure that whether you’re joining friends for a weekend bike ride or hitting the race track, your earphones will stay in even when the rumble strips and potholes are rattling out your fillings. You can also say goodbye to problems such as wind-rush as Earcandi™’s perfect fit makes this a thing of the past.

Musicians can also benefit from a custom fit for on stage in-ear monitors, so whether you’re wind-milling like Pete Townsend or you’re busting out moves Jacko would be proud of, you can be sure that once your Earcandi™ custom sports earphones are in, that’s where they’ll stay.

Earcandi™ can also be used to block out the noise of snoring spouses or the hum of city life when trying to get a good nights sleep. For supreme comfort, only something that moulds precisely to your ear shape will do when you are trying to catch 40 winks. A custom fit, coupled with fantastic noise reduction, you can be sure that with Earcandi™ custom earplugs you’ll wake up feeling refreshed every day.


Everything you need is in the box. The proven Earcandi™ system is engineered to be permanently shaped to your ear, giving you custom sports earphones with an in-ear fit which is as good as it gets. With such a good fit you can listen to music for hours without the fatigue associated with wearing standard earphones and with the 100% Earcandi™ user guarantee, you can be sure that your new custom moulded earphones will stay firmly in place.

Visit our shop to see the range of colours on offer, or check out our how it works to see pictures and videos of how it all works.

We love to hear from our customers, and have yet to hear a bad word against our product, however we welcome any feedback our customers have – good or bad! Only by listening to our customers can we improve and grow as a company and this is the cornerstone upon which the Earcandi™ business is built.

If you have feedback for us, positive or negative, please let us know by contacting us.

Client testimonials

  • "Pretty neat ... and really competitively priced!"
    Seth Godin, Entrepreneur, marketer, best selling author
  • "I want some!"
    Deborah Meaden, Dragon's Den
  • “Having been in the music industry for the last 10 years, I can safely say Earcandi™ is by far the best pair of earplugs I have ever used. You not only get great noise reduction but the drums still sound rich and full. Where has this product been all my gigging life?!”
    Jack Williams, Drummer - Brighton Electric Studios
  • "I made a set of custom earphones and earplugs using your product, everything was great! The whole process was clear, mess-free, and surprisingly easy. I'll be using both whilst racing a Formula 3 car and will be recommending you to my racing rivals for years to come!"
    Tristan Cliffe, Formula 3 Racing Driver
  • It's eye-catching... I think it's very cool.
    Kelly Hoppen, Dragon's Den